GJ art

Gandhi Joseph

I am a Dallas based self taught artist
Father of one
I was born and raised in Haiti, endures many afflictions and hardships that led to a freedom of expression in my art. At the age of six, I turned that barrier into beauty and started drawing my ideas, deep thoughts, opinions, and beliefs about the world.
My father was a sculptor and my mother was a businesswoman. 
As an introverted young boy, I struggled with communicating with my peers, so I picked up a pencil. Some may say that children are often very impressionable at a young age and I was no exception. A former neighbor of mine use to draw and paint. The beauty of his designs, the passion shown in his techniques with simple tools impacted me.

My neighbor sadly passed away, He was my biggest inspiration.
after tones of sets back and excuses in
 November 2019 I decided to follow my dream full time . It was not a easy, I have stopped numerous times, cried, scared but I never quit.

I create space for one's imagination because my art is not up for interpretation.
Creating art is my passion it's is my safe heaven, I put my heart into every painting and drawing, behind the brush there's a lot of of research and conversation that happens before it's even laid on the canvas .

Through my art I hope to spread Love, inspire, open minds,uplift , break barriers, open hearts and contribute to the world.